Volunteer positions as data cleaners

The Pan African Programme (MPI-EVA, Department of Primatology) is looking for assistance with data cleaning associated with camera trap videos. The Pan African Programme: The Cultured Chimpanzee (PanAf) aims to understand the cultural differences between multiple wild chimpanzee populations. Our many projects involve genetics, socio-demographics, behavior and ecology. A part of our data set is made up of habitat survey from more than 39 sites across Africa.


  • Clean the habitat survey data using R
  • Ensure that the data entered in the associated Excel table, i.e. location data, habitat data, species names, coordinates and other relevant details about the habitat plots are consistent with handwritten data sheets and free of errors <>·This involves being able to use R at an “advanced beginner” level (e.g. able to open a file, understand a basic R script, indexing)
  • Being able to work independently and make decisions, while communicating with a team.
  • Attention to detail
  • Capacity to handle data in multiple formats at the same time
  • Understand that the job is tedious and repetitive

Additional Helpful Skills:

  • Basic knowledge of the R dplyr package
  • Interest in tropical botany
  • A general knowledge of African habitat types
  • Capacity to make maps (either in QGIS or in R)


Mimi Arandjelovic ( and use “Data Cleaning volunteer” in the subject line


If you are looking to volunteer with with the PanAf please visit and become a PanAf citizen scientist!